Meet Radish, a simple collaboration platform for inventors to claim the research tax credits faster and smarter.

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Is my Company Eligible to Claim the R&D Credit?

Most likely yes! The U.S. Government reward the pursuit of innovation but most companies are unaware of the R&D tax credit and are missing out. If you're developing or improving a product, process or software, you are eligible regardless of the outcome.

On average, companies claiming the credit see tax savings of 13% of their R&D labor and supplies costs. For example, if you hired 8 qualified engineers at $100k salary, you can potentially save $105k - that's one-person's salary per year!

So what's the catch? Claiming the R&D credit is highly scrutinized by the IRS. Therefore, proper documentation and tracking of your R&D activities are required. It's why we built Radish! 

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Why tech-driven companies love Radish


Increase Your Company's Bottom Line

The R&D tax credits allows your company to increase profitability which can be reinvested to boost your R&D efforts and keep your competitive edge. Our software calculates your R&D tax credits and prepares a complete IRS-approved report. 

Easy to Use and Fully Supported

Building a tech product naturally involves complex issues to solve. Just as complex is reading the tax code involving the R&D tax credit. We make the R&D credit claim process simple and provide you with access to your accountants and tax experts.



Complete R&D Study In Days Not Months

The average time to do an R&D study is between 1-3 months of attending meetings, interviews, and back-and-forth emails with third-party tax specialists. Radish automates the entire R&D tax credit process for you - saving you and your engineers valuable time to focus on producing technology. 

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How it works in 3 easy steps


Step 1

Qualify Activities

We'll guide you through the 4-part test to help determine which of your projects qualify.


Step 2

Track R&D Costs

Categorize employee wages, contractors, and supplies to R&D projects and automatically calculate your qualified research expenditures.


Step 3

Claim Tax Credits

Maximize your R&D tax credit claim and seamlessly integrate with all your data to generate IRS-approved supporting documentation in the event of an audit. 

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Simple pricing  


Most companies rely on R&D specialists to claim the credit which generally cost 5 to 25% of credit claim.

For example, if you're entitled $500,000 of tax credit, a specialist can charge up to $125,000 in fees.

We don't think contingent-fee pricing is fair. It's why we kept our pricing simple, flexible, and transparent.  

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"Radish allowed our engineers to easily track our qualified R&D activities, saving us ton of dev time and money along the way"

— Jason, CTO at Fintech Company

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