Claiming The R&D Tax Credit Has Never Been Easier

Meet Radish, a cloud-based collaboration platform to help Advisors manage, maximize, and sustain their R&D tax credits.

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We Use The Project Allocation Methodology

We created the R&D Incentive Software Hub as a platform for Advisors to collaborate with their team members and clients in creating contemporaneous documentation and substantiating their R&D tax credit claim. We use the project allocation approach to satisfy the nexus requirements set forth by the IRS. Our software enables Advisors to focus more on serving clients and focus less on the administrative process.   

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Increase Your Firm's Bottom Line

Managing your R&D projects efficiently allows your firm to increase profitability. Our collaboration software helps to manage your team and clients more effectively. 

Delight Your Stakeholders

Our platform creates an intuitive on-boarding experience for your potential clients and referral partners. With streamlined data collection and automated administrative process, your clients will have a delightful experience and happier team members.



Manage More Projects In Less Time

Our software automates the entire R&D tax credit process for you - saving you and your clients valuable time. With more time, you can take on more projects throughout the year, and close more leads with a superior product.

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Integrated Process


Step 1

Onboard & Qualify

Easily onboard and guide your clients through the 4-part test to quickly determine eligible projects.


Step 2

Gather & Manage

Tracks time and automatically sends surveys to clients. Follow up and gather more documents from anywhere.


Step 3

Claim & Report

Calculates and maximizes your R&D tax credit claim and painlessly generates IRS-approved supporting documentation in the event of an audit. 

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Simple Pricing  



( Per Client / Month )

Unlimited User Access & Unlimited Projects

Contemporaneous Time Tracking & Eligibility Assessment

Survey Management & Automated Distribution

Completed Standard Reports & Secured Document Storage

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